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    150 ml teriyaki sauce

    teriyaki sauce
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The Teriyaki,well-known Japanese cuisine and cooking methods. Usually used to grill meat with a generous coating of soy sauce, sugared water, garlic,ginger and sake (or mirin). After spreading to Europe and The United States,the cooking method was improved to have a lighter taste, while teriyaki meat from China and South Korea has a heavier taste. The teriyaki sauce used can be called yaki rou sauce or teriyaki sauce.

Main Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Soy Sauce(NON-GMO), etc.

Nutrition: Energy : 930 kJ Protein: 3.2 g Carbohydrate : 52.0 g Sodium: 5220 mg  

Serving Suggestion:Teriyaki sauce is mainly for Japanese cuisine, sushi foods and seafood.

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