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2021-10-12 11:14:10

Qingming,also called Tomb Sweeping,one of the 24 solar terms, is the fifth solar term of spring. By Qingming, the weather in most parts of China is not cold and it enters spring. 

The weather here, the north and the south like two days, the north dry little rain, wet and rainy south. Tomb-Sweeping Day at the beginning is a very important solar term, tomb-sweeping day to, temperature rise, it is a good season for spring ploughing and spring planting, so there is "before and after tomb-sweeping day, melon and beans".

Healthy Living Tips:

Spring is the season of recovery of all things, in order to adapt to the rule of Spring Yang hair, people should go to bed late, get up early, slow body, in order to make mind with spring and comfortable and comfortable, this is the natural law of health, violation will hurt the liver.


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