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Awakening of Insects
2021-09-17 17:42:13

Awakening of Insects is the Third Solar Term in the Twenty-Four Solar Terms

From time to time, there is a sting, the sun rises, the temperature warms up, spring thunders suddenly move, and the rain increases, and everything is full of vitality. Farming production is closely related to the rhythms of nature. The Awakening of Insects has a very important meaning in farming. It is the reflection of the ancient farming culture to the natural seasons.


Healthy Life Living Tips:


Awakening of Insects weather significantly warmer, diet should be warm and plain, and should shun the liver of the sex, help temper, make peace. Eat more light food rich in plant protein, vitamins, fresh vegetables, such as spring bamboo shoots, spinach, celery,chicken, eggs, milk, duck blood, aloe vera, water radish, balsam pear, fungus, rare, yam,lotus seeds, tremella and other food. Pear cold taste sweet, runfei cough, nourishing Yinand heat effect.


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